Why We Are Different

There are important factors to consider when choosing a company to handle your auto window tinting, and auto paint protection. These are important considerations:


We have been serving Utah County since 1999. We have the experience to do the job right. You can trust us with your vehicle.

No Corner Cutting

No matter what service we are performing for our customers, you can be assured that we will not cut corners when working on you vehicle. We always perform to the best of our ability and will use professional grade products. We expect you to be pleased with our work and quality.

Local Customer Service

You want to work with a business that can provide you local customer service. It is always the best situation. Convenient, less stressful and quicker.

Ceramic Window Shield

Ceramic shield provides amazing clarity. Advanced ceramics allows these films to maintain their color and appearance over time.

Computer Cutting System

When getting window tinting on your vehicle, you are looking for a precise, exact film cutting process. We use a computerized cutting system for the perfect fit you want.

Trained & Certified

Our installers are factory trained and certified to give a quality, professional installation.

Professional Mounting Solutions

We only use professional mounting solutions when applying auto paint protection on your vehicle. Some companies choose cheap, poorly substituted solutions that will not perform as well, or be as durable as professional grade solutions.

Window Tint Options

We have a great selection of window tint options for your vehicle. Many companies do not give you a variety of choices. We do!

Tint Simulator